A Digital & Print Platform for Creative Visual Communication and Inspiration. HOUSEINK collects, preserves, and interprets modern and contemporary art, and explores ideas across cultures through dynamic curatorial and educational initiatives and collaborations. Fresh innovative ideas and technology that inspire technique and creativity. It is our mission to engage both local and global audiences.

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Laura H. Rubin
Cultivating Emotion with Digital Paintings.

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A Digital & Print Platform for Creative Visual Communication and Inspiration.
Our online platform is an interactive digital gallery with integrated social feeds that stay current in real time. HOUSEINK Magazine is dedicated to providing diverse essays with a unique perspective.

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Eliza Winn Los Angeles Tattooed Model

October 27th, 2020|

Cover tattoo model Eliza Winn, photographer Shawn Ferjanec and wardrobe, wing stylist Ludo Garnier take you on an urban journey on the streets and graffiti train landscapes of Los Angeles. Additional featured interviews, contemporary artwork and articles from around the world.

PichiAvo and Kavellaris Urban Design

October 21st, 2020|

Painting and architecture merge into contemporary art house. Kavellaris Urban Design (KUD) studio is responsible for turning PichiAvo’s mythological glass panel fresco into Liveable Art in Melbourne, Australia.

Jackee Sandelands-Strom
Hyperrealistic Tattooed Paintings at The Keep

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    Artist of the Month

    Born in the United Kingdom, inspired by the Animal Kingdom. Sonny Sundancer moved with his family to South Africa from Manchester at the age of eleven. Surrounded by majestic wildlife, Sonny studied the animals around him and the culture. Over the years his passion evolved into large scale paintings and murals around the world, engaging and raising awareness for the protection and conservation of our environment.

    Sonny Sundancer

    Sonny Sundancer
    Advocate for Our Vanishing Species.

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