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  • Marcel Bernhard

Marcel Bernhard Beauty in the Dark

Marcel Bernhard born in April 1987 in the small town of Chur, Switzerland. Tattoo artist specializing in black and grey, dark surrealism. 

  • AstroGraff Street Artist

Street Artist AstroGraff Distorts Depth

Street Artist, Greg Astro finds inspiration from the architecture of modern and ancient cities, design and calligraphy. His first big mural was in 2000, in the northern suburbs of Paris. Astro is able to deceive the viewers eye through distorting depth and exploiting shadows, light and colors.

  • Mikael Brandrup Street Artist

Mikael Brandrup Baroquism Reality Shifts

Mikael Brandrup combines the softness of Baroque with bold sharp Cubism.  Blue painters tape and spray paint are his main tools of the trade but not before he uses his technical graphic design skills, to mock-up his powerful designs.

  • Mauro Ponti Bearded Viking

Mauro Ponti A Letter to My Son

A father's love for his son is expressed in a letter. Mauro Ponti's love for his child is greater than existence itself. "When you fall, I will be there to lift you up, when you have no hope I will be there to remind you that everything happens for a reason."

Robert Pho Owner of Skin Design Tattoo

Robert Pho was raised on the streets of LA. Growing up, he was in and out of trouble with the law and spent seven years in prison, where he discovered tattooing.

Jay Freestyle Abstract Realism Tattoos

Pulling inspiration from the human body, Jay Freestyle finds balance through technical execution and creative thinking aspects of his craft. He thrives on being able to inspire others and values respect among his peers with abstract realism designs.

  • Brian Viveros Painting

Brian Viveros Portraits of Empowerment

DirtyLand Warriors embraces hyper-realistic portraits of women from the perspective of the artist, Brian Viveros. These victors embody female empowerment, beauty, and strength.

Igor Mitrenga Graffiti Train Escape

A young child in a small town outside of Prague, in the Czech Republic, witnesses a train pass by covered in graffiti and street art, his mind is captivated, his intrigue is high, and the evolution of one of today’s great color realism tattoo artists begins to take shape.

Sam Taylor Freehand Lettering Tattoos

When discussing some of the most creative, exquisite, and overall top tattoo lettering artists in the world, Sam Taylor is a name that one cannot ignore. From his amazing use of negative space to his mind-blowing technical designs, Sam Taylor has quickly become one of Melbourne, Australia’s leading lettering tattoo artists.

Orge Kalodimas Sacred Mandalas and Dotwork Tattoos

Orge Kalodimas is a tattoo artist, based in Athens, Greece. Known for his sacred geometric mandalas and dotwork designs. Orge’s designs blend organic patterns, skulls and deities. Influenced by Tibetan to Christian religions, art, and culture from around the world.

  • Carola Deutsch Austria Artist

Carola Deutsch Commercial Artist and Tattooer

Carola Deutsch, tattooer and commercial artist from Austria. Co-owner of the creative space DeCasa Studio, with her sister  and marketing executive, Sabrina.  DeCasa's portfolio includes elaborate product designs, large-scale street-art projects, paintings on canvas, and expressive tattoos.

Rusha Life Tattoo and Fitness Model from Argentina

Rusha Life is an International fitness and tattoo model for major clothing and fitness brands. In addition, she is also a recognized competitor for WBFF, an enthusiast in gastronomic heath and creative director for a major digital agency.

Aurore Pariente A Day in Paris

A day in Paris with French tattoo model, Aurore Pariente. Dance the night away and explore with the playful and vibrant model from Avignon, France.

  • Lewis Ink Black Symmetry

Lewis Ink Black Symmetry

Lewis Ink, born in Normandy, France. Based in Switzerland. His black symmetry style combines optical art and geometry that compliment his client's anatomy. One of his biggest influences is Hungarian-French artist, Victor Vasarely.

LilB Tattoos and Generated PopUp Shops

Traveling tattoo artist, powered by generators in popup shops around the world. From sand dunes, fishing boats, and mountain tops. There is no limit or technique LILB won't attempt and conquer.

Kit King Abstract Hyperrealism Portraits

Canadian contemporary artist whos emotionally charged hyperrealistic portrait paintings have been the subject of exhibitions around the world. Interview explores her influences and recent exhibit "Stringy Girls"

  • Josh Duffy Tattoo

Josh Duffy Dark Surreal Black Castle Art

Dark Surreal Tattoo artist based in Peoria, Arizona.  Owner of Black Castle Art.  Specializing in dark surrealism in combination with Biomech. A leader in the tattoo industry with his black and grey approach.

  • Maksim Lopez Artist

Maksim Lopez Dotwork and Lettering

Graphic artist and tattooer combining pointillism, dotwork, lettering and organic elements to shape and innovate the commercial art and tattoo industry.

  • Igor Dobrowolski Street Artist

Street Artist Igor Dobrowolski Why Do You Exist

Exhibit in Warshaw breaks down conformity. Igor Dobroski, street artist discusses the obstacles involved prepping for his first show, long hours of dedication and family support setting up.

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