A Day in Paris with French Tattoo Model, Aurore Pariente.

Aurore Pariente‘s perfect day in France would be quite simple.  She does need much to be happy.  You can find Aurore relaxing, practicing yoga , playing guitar and hanging out with the people she loves.  We asked Aurore what our itinerary would be for one day in the beautiful city of Paris, France.

Tell us your itinerary for the day in Paris and what things we would do and see.

We would get up early and drink some coffee. After some coffee, we would get ready and head to the train station for our beautiful two hour trip to Paris from Avignon. Once we get to Paris we would check out a couple of my favorite cafes and eat a yummy lite lunch with a refreshing cocktail. Walk around and explore Paris for awhile. I don’t usually go to museums but I love exploring. We would probably meet up with some friends and discover some new spots together. There is always something to do in Paris. Later that evening we would get ready for a club or some house music and dance the night away… I like to stay up late so we would definitely have some fun! Maybe sleep in the next day.

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Aurore Pariente has the ability to pull you in with her vibrant and playful antics.  When she is not working hard and doing cosmetic tattooing she loves to have fun and play music.  She has been a yogi and enjoys pilates and working out daily.  Her voice and enthusiasm are contagious.  As she continues to build her following on multiple social media platforms, she is able to influence and build her brand in a diverse trending online presence.

A day in Paris with Aurore would be exciting and full of adventure and one many of her followers would enjoy!