French Tattoo Model & Cosmetic Tattooer

Aurore Pariente, French tattoo model born in Avignon, France December 3rd, 1987.  She studied cosmetic tattooing and launched her business in 2014.  In addition, Aurore is a tattoo celebrity on Instagram with over 1.3 million followers.

Aurore Pariente is a French tattoo model, cosmetic tattooer, and international brand ambassador. She takes pride in providing the best cosmetic tattoos possible for all her clientele. In addition, she strives to be the best version of herself, inspiring other women in the cosmetic and tattoo industry.

Aurore uses tattoo ink rather then permanent make up for tattooing eyebrows and freckles. This aspect makes her unique and define her as a cosmetic tattooer. The result is more natural, lasts longer, and keeps the ink stable overtime, to avoid discoloration. The eyebrows of a persons face attract her the most. She feels eyebrows balance the face and define individual features. She studied and stayed focused and soon after launched her brand and cosmetic tattoo shop, Le Sourcil By Aurore in Avignon, France.

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Aurore Pariente has been a tattoo enthusiast since she was 12 years old. She gre up listening to punk rock music and as a result started to see more tattoos. The timing was never right. Aurore believed  –“you needed to live out your all life a little longer before making permanent decisions, like getting tattooed.”  After many years Aurore gravitated to old school nd Japanese tattoos.  She finally took the leap and started her tattoo journey at Tin-Tin Tatouages in Paris.