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Eliza WINN

Photography Shawn Ferjanec @sgf_foto
Wings – Ludo Garnier @ludo_garnier

Empathetic, independent, courageous, and witty, best describe international tattoo model, Eliza Winn. She has broken barriers in the world of alternative tattoo models. Eliza was the first published tattoo model in the US Playboy magazine in 2012, then went on to be the second most heavily tattooed model in For Him Magazine. This year she went international and was published in Playboy Italia 2020. 

Eliza Winn was born in Phoenix, Arizona May 1st, 1990. She grew up in a creative environment, learning piano at the young age of five. She was always attracted to the arts and music with the eclectic influences of  Bach, Fur Elise, The Beatles, Chopin and Elvis. Her passion for writing soon emerged from music and watching her great grandfather write for the Hall of Fame. 

I love to write, ‘just because’!! It’s a free-flowing, almost therapeutic, mindful action for me. I feel like some things are in your blood.”

Behind the Scenes photography @sgf_photo

What is something someone has told you from your past that has helped shape the person you are today? What did it mean to you, moving forward? Well… At an early age my father committed suicide, amongst one of the very tragic things that happened to me growing up. My mother sat me down and told me that after a family member passed, “God would never give you anything that you cannot handle.” That conversation with my mom gave me strength.  I’m not huge on going to church or anything but that quote really stuck with me.  I’m a very spiritual person, just not an organized church-goer.

Last time we spoke on the phone we talked about inspiration from your grandpa, music, art, and tattoos. Can you talk to us more about your music background and writing. I chose music before I had a choice. I was obsessed with Beethoven and Elvis since before I can even remember. My parents had no clue where it came from. They were flower children, and southern rockers from the 70’s; so my taste in music made no sense. I began playing piano around 5 years old, learned Fur Elise, The Beatles, Bach, Chopin… I love to write, ‘just because’!! It’s a free-flowing, almost therapeutic, mindful action for me. I feel like some things are in your blood. My great grandfather was the first sportswriter in the Hall of Fame and I have multiple writers in my family. My great grandpa was also best friends with Bear Bryant and Mickey Mantle. He wrote for Alabama football and the NYC Yankees. Two total opposing sides uniting. Neato.

“I’d ask my past self to tell my future self to believe in myself more than anyone or anything else.” – Eliza Winn 

Behind the Scenes photography @sgf_photo

“If you could save yourself, you could save us all. Go on living, prove us wrong. Your leap of faith could be a well-timed smile. Survival never goes out of style.” – JAWBREAKER, Save Your Generation

Did you have any obstacles or take any risks in life?  How did you handle those obstacles and how did they shape the person you are today? I’ve had so many obstacles in my life, some of which I am not at liberty to speak about. I can’t count on my fingers and toes the amount of friends I’ve had pass away at such young ages, not to mention the amount of family members that left tragically and unexpectedly, including my father’s suicide when I was 21. Legally, I’m not able to speak of some of the obstacles, but every single one of these incidents had a major effect over and on everyone in every place that I ever lived. From New York, to Louisiana, Florida, Arizona, Colorado to California; all over the U.S. For me, I try to be a path of positivity for those going through trauma. I figure, it’s the best thing I can do with my knowledge from experiences.

I really do live in the moment now more than ever before, and that is due to taking risks, and being an adrenaline junky at times, (to be honest). If you have ever cliff-dived, bungee jumped, or sky-dived, you know that you can’t over-think before you jump; you just do it. And that’s how I’ve lived most of my life. It’s freeing for me. I don’t believe I would be where I’m at in life, if I didn’t have that “ride or die” attitude.

Humor is a big part of my life.

It makes everything better. Making people laugh has always been one of my favorite feelings. I grew up with Saturday Night Live, and another thing no-one knows about me, is that my life long dream has been to be a writer for Lorne Michaels.

Urban Art Issue Featuring Cover Model Eliza

Cover tattoo model Eliza Winn, photographer Shawn Ferjanec and wardrobe, wing stylist Ludo Garnier take you on an urban journey on the streets and graffiti trainscapes of Los Angeles. Additional featured interviews include Eliza Winn and her interview with Sean Daley from musical group ATMOSPHERE, Commercial/ tattoo artist and co-owner of DECASA Creative StudioCarola Deutsch, Graffitirealism Tattoo Artist – Igor Mitrenga from Prague (IM Tattoo) – article by Bobby Boykin.  French Parisan street artist AstroGraff.  Mikael Brandrup Commercial Designs, Street Artist and Painter from Copenhagen, based in LA.  Contemporary Street Art Duo, PichiAvo and KUD Urban design and architecture.

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