Laura H. Rubin

Cultivating Emotion through Digital Illustrations,
Facial Expressions & Symbolism

Based in Switzerland, with a background in film and visual effects, Laura has discovered a creative passion in her digital characters and illustrative brush strokes. Her storyboards evolved into powerful messages of our personal uniqueness, beyond external appearances. Beautiful dark, painted bodies and floral patterns, deviates the viewer to look in to the eyes of Laura’s characters and form a deep internal connection with their soul and emotion. Titles of her work include, “Alone in the Crowd” , “Trapped Inside A Broken Body”, and “Behind the Black”, validate those feelings and evoke a bond that we can relate to.


“I hope to create many more intense characters and facial expressions in the future, while continuing to trigger thought and emotion.”Laura H. Rubin

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Looking Beyond Appearances.

Individuality +

The floral patterns are a continuation of the dark bodies, which I made because I wanted people to focus on the faces of the characters. Nowadays, we get distracted far too quickly by irrelevant details, like clothes, and pay far too little attention to the true character of a person.  The floral body painting can be compared to a “uniqueness”, no matter if it’s a mental or physical uniqueness. I’ve worked with complementary colors because they enhance the effect of the respective colors.


Are their any innovative techniques that you have learned over the years?

I guess I can’t call it a “technique”, but I have created my own digital brushes over several months, which do not imitate real brushes but can imitate skin structures. By combining different base brushes it is possible to create almost every skin type.

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