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Lewis INK

Lewis Ink, born in Normandy, France. Currently based in Switzerland. His black symmetry style combines optical art and geometry that compliment his client’s anatomy. One of his biggest influences is Hungarian-French artist, Victor Vasarely.  At a young age, his interest in geometric patterns continued to evolve through additional inspiration from Sol Lewitt, Julio Le Parc, Francisco Sobrino, Francis Celentano, and Bridget Riley.

Orge’s designs blend organic patterns, skulls and deities. The symbols and meanings of those designs are influenced by Tibetan to Christian religions, art, and culture from around the world. His work can range from a small handpiece in addition to full-backs and neck to skull, complementing the anatomy of his canvas.

BOOKS PUBLISHED: Solstice Mandala by Orge Kalodimas. (84 Days. 184 Mandalas. One 128-page beautifully crafted book.) On the morning of June 21st, Orge was listening to the radio and was reminded that this is the biggest day of the year. This reminder pushed him to later spend hours online learning about the Solstice circle and the unstoppable circle of life every year since the beginning of time. That’s when inspiration stroke. He would design one mandala per day for the next 184 days, paying tribute to the solstice. He spent every day for 6 months designing a new mandala inspired by religion, nature and sacred geometry.


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