Orge Kalodimas

Mastering the Mandala through Repetition.

Orge Kalodimas is a tattoo artist, based in Athens, Greece. He started his apprenticeship at Sake Tattoo Crew Studio in 2005. Orge is renowned worldwide for his sacred geometric mandalas and dotwork designs.

Orge’s designs blend organic patterns, skulls and deities. The symbols and meanings of those designs are influenced by Tibetan to Christian religions, art, and culture from around the world. His work can range from a small hand-piece in addition to full-backs and neck to skull, complementing the anatomy of his canvas. Following the anatomy of his clients he places focus on muscles, origins and insertions of each individual’s body, with an impressive end result.

“Art does not belong to us. It is an honor to share my knowledge and skills if it can help others grow and learn.”Orge Kalodimas

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Explorations in art and in life, without shackles.

Building Blocks

Orge Kalodomis has always had a fascination with religion from a young age. He was intrigued by the mysticism hidden in the symbolism of Buddhism as well as Hinduism. Growing up in Athens he would spend most of his summers between New York City and Greece. His father was from Sparta, and his mother, from the Bronx, both fast paced, creative melting pots. In his travels he began to discover an organic blend between religion, nature and Greek traditions. His creative perspective and view of the world took shape, and provided artistic building blocks for the years to follow and his apprenticeship in tattooing.

For many summers and holidays he helped his father at the family embroidery shop who taught him the craft as well as many life lessons, including, “you can have everything you want in life but you have to work for it.” — and that he did.

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