JARtB House in Melbourne, Australia by Kavellaris Urban Design (KUD)

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KUD Urban Design + PichiAvo

Painting and architecture merge in this project of private housing in Melbourne (Australia). KUD Kavellaris urban design studio is responsible for turning PichiAvo’s art into an excellent house, exploring new paths and forms.

Kavellaris Urban Design Studio.
Collaboration with Street Duo, PichiAvo from Valencia (Spain)

Architecture firm: Kavellaris Urban Design
Built area: 460 m²
Photography: Peter Bennetts
Project name: JARtB House
Principal architect: Billy Kavellaris

Toorak, Melbourne, Australia

JARtB House reconnects the abandoned notion that Art and Architecture are s e p a r a t e techne. Part House and part Art Gallery. The synthesis of the two typologies are redefined into a singular expression. A new hybrid is institutionalized.

Art is used to connect, inform and program space instead of program containing it. Art is not defined as ‘in’ or ‘on’ the building, the building is the artefact.
Architecture and Art cannot separated!

Art moves beyond cultural expression and becomes architectural syntax. Ornamentation becomes more than architectural decoration, more than Venturi’s Decorated Shed or Duck. JARtB House becomes the Alchemy of the ‘Decorated Duck’ expressed in an urban Neo Baroque paradigm.

Glazed glass panel converge to create an art gallery vibe

The glazing has been created using a combination of Alspec’s McArthur 101.6mm centre pocket framing and Hastings 550 front glazed plant on system with each panel meticulously measured and sized to ensure the images matched perfectly. A film, printed with the images of ancient Greek statues and the modern twist of designer graffiti, was used in the laminate level of each glass panel.

555 m²

Site Area


Completion Year

“The design of this home generates a serious feeling of awe both inside and out. From its Italian marble-clad bathroom to the gallery length concrete hallways and expansive living room – every inch of this home has been curated to perfection.”

Obique News, Australia

JARtB House’s intervention into its context becomes a social and cultural act!

It is public art masquerading as a building in a residential setting. The building is a conversation aggregated into a confluence of interstitial moments, materials light, technology and space. The theatre of visual poetry is the discourse.

The house shifts from contrived reason and the aesthetic assembly of material into one of feeling and experience incorporating visual and experiential culture that evokes the sensors. A controlled chaos of interlocking geometric forms sculpt the facade to cultivate theatrical drama.

The art gallery is born, Art becomes the crucible for phenomenological experience. Double height spaces, interlocking volumes and visual links are connected and narrated through Art. Art informs architecture and program. Art becomes an architectural element. Art now has utility.

Liveable ART

Internal and external spaces are experienced simultaneously.

Glazed Fresecos

External facades become internal translucent frescos.