International Tattoo and Fitness Model
Buenas Aires, Argentina

Florencia Cabrera Martinez, born May 2nd, 1991 in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Rusha, also know on Instagram as is an International fitness and tattoo model for major clothing and fitness brands. In addition, she is also a recognized competitor for WBFF (World Beauty Fitness and Fashion) and an enthusiast in gastronomic heath. Furthermore, Rusha is the creative director for a major digital agency.

Rusha has always been attracted to drawing, writing, and all things creative from a young age. She studied Graphic Design and graduated from the Gutenberg Foundation in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After graduation, she received a position as Creative Director for the communication company where she worked for several years, Kid Agency.

“Throughout life, if I had not been sufficiently “obsessive”, “unrealistic” and not follow personal instinct, I would not carry with me the immense gratitude of creating and owning my path. It is a wonderful thing to have this control of your destiny and owning it. Among so many doubts that exist in the world, we have great uncertainty. Don’t be afraid, or ever hesitate to follow your instincts, however much that bothers or displeases the rest. No one was, is, nor will be you.– Rusha

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