Raising Awareness.
Requiem for Our Vanishing Species.

Sonny Sundancer

Born in the United Kingdom, inspired by the Animal Kingdom. Sonny Sundancer moved with his family to South Africa from Manchester at the age of eleven. Surrounded by majestic wildlife, Sonny studied the animals around him and the culture. Over the years his passion evolved into large scale paintings and murals around the world, engaging and raising awareness for the protection and conservation of our environment.

Photography @tesscunliffe

Sonny Sundancer

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Sonny Sundancer, To the Bone
Sonny Sundancer, To the Bone
Sonny Sundancer, To the Bone

To The Bone Exhibit, New York City. 2018

Statements of Hope

When viewing Sonny’s artwork you are pulled in by each detailed layer. Fragmented translucent brush strokes tell a devastating truth of our planet and the extinction of what we should protect most. On May 17th, 2018, in New York, Sonny exhibited his first body of large-scale canvas works, as well as a series of hand painted sculptures, entitled, “To the Bone.” His message dissected the importance of each animal and the relationship it had to its specific habitat. Parts of the animal painted in gold represent the value of these animals.

Sundancer Global Awareness

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